Product NameUW-8420


This series of products for infrared automatic type of frequency wireless meeting microphone. With less noise interference of UHF frequency band PLL phase locking technology. Microcomputer CPU control, secondary frequency conversion technology. Sound reduction degree is high, 400 channels to choose from, regardless of A, B, C, D channel, it is more convenient to use. All metal material standard case, assemble the digital channel display. Host provide independent balance audio output socket and mixed unbalanced output, comprehensive to meet the needs of all kinds of connections. Suitable for high-grade professional speech, conference, install and use the club.

Receiver parameters:

↘ frequency range: 740-820 hz

↘ oscillation modes: dual phase locking frequency synthesis (PLL)

↘ adjust way: FM

↘ maximum deviation: plus or minus 50 KHZ

↘ sensitivity: 18 dbuv (adjustable)

↘ signal-to-noise ratio: 89 db or higher

↘ S/N: 89 db or higher

↘ audio response: 60 hz to 15 KHZ (plus or minus 3 db)

↘ dynamic range: 105 db or higher

↘ display: LCD display screen channel number

↘ working voltage: DC 12 v

↘ working current: 50 ma

↘ working temperature: - 10 ℃ to + 40 ℃

Transmitter parameters

↘ frequency range: 740-820 MHZ

↘ transmission power: 10 mw

↘ frequency stability: plus or minus 0.005% or less

↘ modulation mode: FM

↘ maximum deviation: plus or minus 50 KHZ

↘ frequency selection: infrared frequency transmitter operating frequency is determined

↘ working power supply: DC3V (1.5 V AA * 3)

↘ working current: ma 100 or less

↘ working temperature: - 10 ℃ to + 40 ℃

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