Product NameUW-8180


This series of products to dual frequency lock type 8 channel wireless conference microphone, with less noise interference of UHF frequency PLL phase locking technology, double lock frequency circuit design, noise interference, any similar system cannot match. All metal material standard chassis, metal panel configuration channel receiver, assembly LCD display screen, display work channel and frequency respectively. Good, quick to understand all the actions of the receiver information. Host respectively with balanced audio output socket, and mixed unbalanced output, comprehensive to meet the needs of all kinds of connections.

Receiver parameters

Left, oscillation mode: PLL phase-locked loop frequency synthesis

Left, frequency range: UHF 500 MHZ to 900 MHZ

Left, frequency stability: plus or minus 0.001%

Left, maximum frequency deviation: plus or minus 50 KHZ

Left, modulation mode: FM

Left, signal-to-noise ratio: > 105 db

Left, distortion: < 0.5% @ 1 KHZ

Left, sensitivity: 1.2 / UV @ S/N = 12 db

Left, the power supply: DC: 12 v ~ 17 v

Left, audio output: independent 0 ~ 400 mv mixed 0 ~ 400 mv

Transmitter parameters

Left, the power supply: DC3V (1.5 V AA * 2)

Left, microphone power consumption: 100 ma

Left, carrier frequency: UHF 500 MHZ to 900 MHZ

Left, frequency stability: + 25 KHZ

Left, signal-to-noise ratio: > 105 db

Left adjacent frequency interference than: > 80 db

Left, dynamic range: 100 db or higher

Left: a capacitor

Left, polar modes: single directivity

Left, frequency response: 40 hz ~ 20 KHZ

Left, receiver sensitivity: - 47 + / - 3 db @ 1 KHZ

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