Product NameUW-8800


Product features

Using UHF frequency band, the frequency hopping technology 100% refused to interfere with

Low CPU by microcomputer control; The base can be separated type design

When using PLL phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology + mono locking TONE - LOCK, make its performance is very outstanding

Low noise lock noise control + code navigation lock noise control technology

Has 32 channels of freedom of choice, double digital LCD display screen

When the machine can be used at the same time 8 sets of noninterference, 64 and a microphone

Mic with LCD screen display, high-end beauty is generous

Low microphone with light touch ON/OFF switch, switch effectively solve the mechanical noise

Low is equipped with smart phone battery under-voltage warning display

Low open microphone sound head after the red light ring

Receiver with double liquid crystal display, operation more convenient and intuitive

Low receiver has mixed output and output function independently

The machine has a very high frequency stability, is the first choice for high-end meeting places

Technical parameters

Low carrier frequency: UHF660 ~ 860 MHZ

Low frequency stability: plus or minus 0.002%

Low signal-to-noise ratio: > 105 db

Low of adjacent-channel interference than: > 80 db

Low dynamic range: > 90 dB

Low harmonic distortion: < 0.5%

Low type: capacitance

Low point features: single directivity

Low frequency response: 50 hz ~ 16000 hz

Low microphone sensitivity: - 38 + 2 db @ 1 KHZ

When receiving sensitivity: 50 us (SINAD = 20 db)

Low audio output: independent 0 ~ + 400 mv mixed 0 ~ + 300 mv

Low temperature range: - 10 ° C ~ 55 ° C

Low diameter range: > 100 m

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